This is setup guide for MAG 254 from TVLuux (

If you change any settings and forget to press ok to save, do it again and save. Exit is top left of the arrow buttons and looks like a home icon. Of course you start by putting batteries in the remote, hooking it to your tv, plugging in your network cable, and turning it on. […]

Setup IPTV On MAG 250/254/256 Device

This Method is using the Portal from Smart IPTV 1- Add this portal address to your Mag device Portal 1 URL: 2- Add this NTP Server address to your Mag device NTP Server URL: Here is full list of NTP servers You can use. 3- Now Reload your portal on Mag device then you […]

How to Setup IPTV Service on a MAG Device

MAG boxes are some of the most robust streaming media players. IPTV users choose them for their speed, simplicity and excellent streaming performance. The user interface is simple and responsive, channel switching is quick and you receive all the features required to get the most out of your IPTV service. How to setup IPTV on a MAG device is as follows: […]

How to add an IPTV portal on MAG 250 254 256?

To run IPTV server on MAG, it is necessary to add providers Stalker Portal URL into the device to receive the stream. In this tutorial well show how to do this in few simple steps. Open up setting page and then enter System Settings Select Servers Here we have 3 sections: General, Portals and More. […]

MAG Box with VPN Router

The MAG range of set-top boxes have become something of the box of choice for IPTV and VoD streaming.  Popular models include MAG250, MAG254, MAG256, MAG322/323, MAF324/325, MAG349, MAG424, MAG351 and MAG352 boxes. UK ISPs including Virgin Media, BT, Sky, TalkTalk etc. are actively blocking IPTV content on MAG Boxes at specific times of the day/week.  This can mean that your […]

How to activate your IPTV MAG ?

IPTVFREE offers to you full steps on How to set up your subscription on iptv Mag. This tutorial will guide you through a simple and effective steps of installation your Mag (250/254/256…). Also for more details you can always check our IPTV Support . IPTVFREE in addition offers many IPTV Plans with discounts for your […]

How to setup IPTV on a MAG device

Step 1: When the box is being loaded the main portal screen appears. After that click on “settings”, press remote button “SETUP/SET”. Step 2: Then press on “System settings” and click on “Servers”.  Step 3: Select “Portals”. Step 4: In the “Portal 1 name” line enter the following ” IPTV “.In the “Portal 1 URL” enter the portal address provided […]