How To Use IPTV On MAG 250/254/256 | MAG IPTV Setup Tutorial (Step By Step):

Setting Up IPTV On MAG Box:

Installation Setup of MAG 250/254/256 for IPTV LIVE TV channels. Have a look at our step by step guide.

Now w’re gonna setup MAG device for iptv channels, we will cover it step by step from menu to end reboote device and all done. We’ll use our Test IPTV to let you know how to use it. Stay with us to checkout how easy it this tutorial of MAG Box.

MAG 250/254/256 Setup Procedure (Complete Guide adding Portal URL and starting it.)

We’ll add a sample Portal URL to this MAG device. Connect your device’s internet and get ready. We have briefly covered this tutorial. Please follow the steps bellow and lets do it.


  1. First of all you need to connect internet to your device, please connect it and your MAC Address should be Unlocked or activated from your provider; mac address can be found at the back-side of the device and starts with 00:1a:79… . Now we need to go to menu and select settings as you can see in picture.
  2. Clicking on Settings will take you to the list of available options, choose System Settings there and it will open a new popup with more options.
  3. We have now more options and we need to go for Servers. Now it will take us to another popup page and there are some more options to be choosen.
  4. In Servers, we’ll see another option called Portals; we need to go for it. Lets click on it and we’re now on another page, where we need to add some info.
  5. Now we are on page asking us to add some info like 4 fields are there Portal Name & Portal URL (2 times). The second 2 options are extra (if you’re using service from 2 providers). So we need to add our available Portal URL(s) (Our URLs are: OR You can use any Name. We’ll add this and go for next step.
  6. After adding these details save and go for main Settings option and click on Restart Portal. The things we’d to do for this setup are completed. Let’s check final step.
  7. Now you can see it will start loading TV channels and then you can play any available TV channel. If you’re facing any error like page loading error, Your STB is blocked. Call the provider or Portal not supported or related, it means your ISP is blocking service, service not activated or you have MAG 250 model and using URL including /c; for MAG 250 model use URL till port except /c and then reload Portal. It will work. You’ve installed it successfully.